As the provider of Smart Meter technology to the Lephalale Local Municipality, the SPASA Core management offering is a smart metering solution, AiMiR. The AiMiR meter management system is comprised of a wireless communication system as well as a centrally hosted management system (Master Station). This provides the functionality to remotely manage the meters, manage usage data, and provide consumers with access to historical and live metering information.

Following a successful pilot project of 100 meters in Gompou street, SPASA began the process of rolling out smart meters to every consumer in the Onverwacht and Ellisras areas. Currently there are approximately 7000 electrical meters installed, with a first time communication success rate of over 99.5%. Meters are installed in the green Kiosks on the street sidewalks, and thanks to the remote management system they will never have to be interacted with directly. A prepaid system has been implemented and currently has more than 500 active customers. Preparation for the rollout of water meters is currently under way.

System functionality includes:

  • Meters are able to send readings and data remotely to the management system.
  • The switch off/on of meters is done remotely via the management system.
  • Tamper detection and a range of algorithms continuously inspect power quality, meter status and consumption behavior to eliminate theft and fraud.
  • The operations center is automatically alerted in case of irregularities or once material changes occur in consumer consumption.
  • Electricity meters are able to operate in both credit and pre-paid mode.

Consumers are able to view hourly consumption information historically on the internet via their own portals into the AiMiR system, or using USSD functionality on their mobile devices.