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Case Study

Lephalale Municipality

This project was started 8 years ago on behalf of the Lephalale Local Municipality. The project began with a proof-of-concept phase involving 100 meters being installed on one street within the community. The proof-of-concept phase was completed successfully, and an additional 6900 units were deployed.

The key benefits achieved as a result of the functionality within our system include:
Business Support System (BSS) – Our AiMiR introduces a Service Oriented Architecture for the consumer and a solid governance framework for the service provider, and the meter, as an integral part of the process, becomes a sensor on an international information highway.

Customer Contract Management

Our system is able to produce all of the relevant data that is required for day-to-day management of the grid. It builds up a consumer view that is easily extrapolated for use in further service delivery projects of this nature. Due to our time of use data reporting, we can provide data daily that can be collated into an annualised view for extensive planning modelling to take place.

Power Outage Management

Our meters automatically detect and record power outage information, this can indicate the cause of the outage. Consumer side maintenance tickets can be logged and tracked, should these be required. Information recorded includes duration, cause, and extent of the outage.

Pre-Paid and Vending Management

Our process enables a direct consumer payment process, eliminating the need for large scale vendors to be in place. This further enables a cashless process, which is a pivotal point in helping maintain consumer security. Our USSD portal allows for the consumer to add credits proactively and efficiently to their account. Vendors can still be deployed should this be necessary.

Audit Trail Log Management

As part of our commitment to effective corporate governance, our system includes a complete audit trail of actions that have taken place. This audit trail includes transaction data, system upgrades, system enhancement log and real time registration data. The system can identify the unique device, time and the user that initiated the changes.

The community have realised the following benefits because of the installations:

  • Accuracy and transparency in terms of meter readings.
  • Reliable data infrastructure for the implementation of progressive pricing, with activedemand management.
  • Increased consumer awareness of energy usage.

Our client has realised the following benefits:

  • Accuracy and transparency in terms of meter readings.
  • Prevention of onsite damage and fraud caused by physical meter reading process.
  • Reduced infringement rate, in terms of illegal connections.
  • A reliable data infrastructure for the effective demand side management.
  • Increased efficiency, and effectiveness, with regard to development planning, and maintenance.
  • Improved revenue collection.
  • Improved service delivery to the community.